JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB - Editor-in-Chief at numberFire) visited Neal on the show today to discuss the Fantasy Football industry, community & the game itself. JJ shares his transition from the 9 to 5 job he didn't love over to the Fantasy Football gig he is diehard passionate about. JJ explains what makes a writer/contributor stand out in an oversaturated industry filled with talented people. Entertaining outsiders are taking the jobs of longtime fantasy football analyst & JJ talks about how that makes him feel & what he believes needs to be done to fix it. We also cover some fantasy football advice through listener questions & Foul or No Foul! Details on the sponsored charity league are also provided on this episode. From start to finish this is not an episode you want to miss! JJ Zachariason can also be found on the two podcast he host which are Living the Stream & The Late Round Podcast!

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