The #SFB7 is upon us! The Scott Fish Bowl is an invite-only league with a bunch of analyst, "experts" and fans. Four members of the Clock Dodgers family have been invited to the SFB7 this season so we figured it was only right to get together and discuss it. We provide a quick run-down of the league rules/scoring, re-live past seasons SFB experience, breakdown potential game winning strategies & players of interest. On this episode Neal (@clockdodgers) is joined by Adam (@TheOtherFFguy), Jason (@FL2DrinkMinimum) & Josh (@jccrocker). The fellas lose Adam less than half-way through the episode which can be a good or bad thing depending on who you ask. Lots of insight & laughs spread throughout this episode and of course so 'Foul or No Foul' action. As always, Be Kind, Be Great, Keep Dodging!

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